Interesting facts about gambling

Gambling is entertaining and can be a good exercise for the mind. If you master the tricks well, then it can also be a good source of money. While at it, did you know some of these interesting gambling facts?

  • In the year 1992, a gambling syndicate in Australia bought a large number of Virginia lottery combination at about $5 million and won $27 million – almost 5 times the value of original purchase.
  • In Finland, all gambling is controlled by the government and the proceeds from gambling are donated to charity.
  • The founder of Fedex saved his company from collapsing by gambling in Vegas and putting the money back into business.
  • In Nevada, the state prison had a casino for inmates. Since Nevada is known for gambling, the prison allowed inmates to play poker, blackjack, and craps. It ran for 35 years before they got a new warden who closed it, saying it did not allow the prisoners to reform.
  • Sandwich was invented in a casino. The story goes that in 1765, the Earl of Sandwich John Montagu, who was addicted to gambling, got hungry. Since he did not want to leave the casino, he told one of his servants to just get him bread and meat inside so he could eat in a hurry. That is how the sandwich was invented.
  • Slot machines were once used to dispense chewing gum. That explains why they always have multi colored drawings of fruits and gum.
  • After Russia made gambling illegal in the country in 2009, a local engineer discovered how to cheat the slot machines. He went to the USA and used his knowledge to win $21000. Casinos are still struggling to find a fix for it.
  • One of the experimental drugs used to cure Parkinson’s disease showed that the patients got a sudden desire to gamble. Even those who were not gambling before, started showing signs of wanting to gamble.